Todd Rechenbach, AIF®, ChFC, CLU, CPFA

Todd Rechenbach, AIF®, ChFC, CLU, CPFA

President, Financial Advisor

Todd is a Knoxville native. The youngest of four children, Todd grew up working in the family business where he learned the value of hard work, patience and persistency.  Having attended Bearden Elementary, Bearden Junior High and Bearden High School, Todd knows Knoxville as “home”. Graduating from The University of Tennessee with degree in Business, Todd is comfortable with the unique needs of Business Owners and Retirees.  

Todd is passionate about helping owners of closely-held businesses gain a better understanding of their hopes and dreams in order to accomplish their future financial needs. Creating a sound process focused on the needs of others provides the foundation to assist our clients with plans that last to and through their lifetime. Business owners occupy a unique position in the community and they deserve a professional Financial Advisor focused on using their businesses to make Knoxville a better place to live.

Our purpose is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of business owners and their staff. Todd’s passion is to encourage others to pursue their gifting in accomplishing God’s unique purpose living life to its fullest. Each of us has a gifting that should be acknowledged, appreciated and pursued.

Those close to retirement or just serious about making the most of their resources will find Todd’s commitment to a sound planning processes refreshing. Todd feels strongly in the need for processes that achieve measurable results with checks and balances to stay accountable. Working together we build personal financial statements to create a meaningful understanding of the work required to prepare for your future financial needs.

Todd began his career as a Financial Advisor in 1993 with Prudential in individual financial planning. He became Branch Manager for Prudential in 1996. In 1999 Todd began his affiliation with Campbell, Worden and Associates in 1999.  He later became a partner in the firm and the name changed to Worden, Rechenbach & Brooke in 2001.

Todd is a big fan of local community organizations like Berean Christian School, Knoxville Leadership Foundation, and Emerald Youth Foundation. He enjoys promoting community athletics and the inspiration of encouraging children to persevere through athletic competition.

Todd loves his high school sweetheart, Ann, whom he married in 1986. The Rechenbach’s have three sons: James (married to Kayla) living in Georgia; Josiah (married to Aria) living in Georgia; Jacob who works at Guidance Advisors and lives in Knoxville, TN.

Favorite sport or game to play as an adult: bowling, horseshoes, cards, golf, basketball … anything to keep score pursing the thrill of competition!  


Best book you have ever read: NIV Bible, Good to Great by Jim Collins


Where you will find me on most Saturday nights:  Movies, movies, movies


Favorite hobby: Trail running with a really great group of guys.  


Favorite place to eat:  First Watch for breakfast, Café 4 or Aubrey’s for a relaxed lunch, Ann’s Café (wife) for dinner at home … anything chocolate for dessert (I love to eat)


How would you describe what you do here?  Create an organization focused on meeting people where they are. Our team works together with our clients to gain a clear understanding of their hopes and dreams to meet their future financial needs. My goal is to match our staff to their gifting to provide our clients with an excellent service experience.


What is something about you that people may not know?  In third grade, I think, I had to eat lunch in the Principal’s office due to excellent classroom behavior.


What is your definition of “happiness"? Happiness is fleeting. Eating chocolate cake with caramel icing and ice cream, that is happiness. Joy, on the other hand, is sustained and permanent. Joy is peace-filled hope for the future that is deep-seated and endures through adversity.


If you’re not at the office, where can we find you? Hopefully enjoying a cool date with my wife. I enjoy time with good friends and spending time with family.

Name and historical person who is a hero to you: Coach John Wooden ... he coached (17) years of college basketball before he won a national championship. Then he won a (10) NCAA National Championships (10) of the next (12) seasons ... persistent and steadfast man!